We advise and assist the actors of the Entertaiment’s industry.

Should you be an actor, a film producer, an advertising agency, an editor, a director, a signer, a comedian, an agent, an author, a music label, a theater…the assistance of a lawyer who knows your legal and economic needs and requirements and the environment into which you intervene becomes essential.

3A works in partnership with Florent Lamy who is the manager of international film  celebrities for Europe.

List of the celebrities managed by Florent Lamy with 3A :    Cabinet 3A | Entertainment




We accompany and represent actors, musicians, songwriters, agents, producers, film directors, etc…in the negociation, the writing and finalisation of their :

  • management contracts ;
  • production / co-production contracts ;
  • financing agreements ;
  • distribution licence agreements ;
  • etc…

We assist and advise brands and celebrities – artists and sportsmen – as well as communication and PR agencies regarding their negociations, contractual and fiscal needs. We address in particular the following domains :

  • brands and patents registration ;
  • negociation and drafting of image rights contracts or advertising campaigns ;
  • implementation of image rights companies ;
  • tax optimisation of image rights revenues ;
  • litigation on image right abuses/utilisation.

We assist our customers – announcers, advertising and communication agencies, PR agencies, media production companies, in their advertising and promotion campaigns. We provide our expertise to our clients in the following domains :

  • legal auditing of the contracts and agreements for the advertising campaigns ;
  • sponsorship operations ;
  • financing and legal structuring of events ;
  • legal frame of special sales promotion (tobacco, alcohol, medicine, lotteries, etc…).